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  • Tasty delicacies

    The tastiest bow-shaped and straight-shaped churros with their unmistakeable texture and flavour
  • Traditional deep-frozen flavours

    Non-stuffed and stuffed profiteroles flavoured with cream and truffle in different cases and sizes
  • We specialize in all types of churros and porras

    We have been manufacturers of churros and porras for more than 15 years. We continue innovating and adapting to the new trends.
  • First rate products

    The tastiest cakes, sweets, pastries, ring-shaped cakes, pies....
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National and international distribution

We have our own means of transport, which we put at our clients’ disposal. We have heavy tonnage freezer trucks, with which we can get to any place in the peninsula and the islands.The international distribution is given to the most prestigious logistics corporations, in good state of preservation.
We are in most countries in Europe, South America and North America. Frio Seseña has a consolidated presence, which is continuously growing.